Active and Preventive Maintenance



Maintenance is the "set of actions that allow for the maintenance or restoration of goods to a specified state, or so as to ensure a certain level of service can be provided”. 

 Maintenance therefore encompasses a series of repairs carried out so as to compensate for the deterioration and wear caused by the relative movement of parts, oxidation or loss of function of equipment, materials or their protective elements. 

According to the applicable Portuguese Standard, a breakdown is an occurrence that determines the degradation or cessation of fitness of an item to perform a required function. 

Preventive maintenance refers to situations where action is taken to remove the "breakdown" status, though no action is taken to improve components that lead to breakdowns or decrease the frequency, severity, or even future occurrence of breakdowns. 

Active maintenance seeks to completely repair equipment, fully returning it to its previous condition, while palliative maintenance seeks only the short-term return of any lost functionality, therefore allowing the machinery to satisfy an immediate commitment. Repairing the problem in a curative or corrective way is left for a later date. Maintenance of injection moulds 2011 14 This type of maintenance is carried out following a failure, which may be a failure to change or terminate functions to the standards required. Failure may be partial or complete. 

Molde Matos S. A. is able to develop maintenance plans along with its customers in order to ensure the greater longevity of the moulds it produces.

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