Compression Moulding


Compression moulding


Compression moulding is a technique mainly used to mould thermosetting polymers and is often used to mould glass fibre-reinforced plastic. As part of the process, the moulding compound is placed in the open cavity of the mould, the mould is closed, and heat and pressure are applied until the material is shaped. High hardness steels are usually used for these types of moulds. It is common practice to use pre-hardened material with high hardness in areas of large moulds where the highest wear resistance is required. 

Properties of mould materials 

The most important properties are: 

Wear resistance 

Mechanical strength and hardness 



 Transfer moulding is a method applied to the moulding of thermosetting polymers and is very common in the production of electronic devices. 

The process begins with the polymer being softened by heat and pressure in a transfer chamber, then forced into a closed mould along channels at high pressures for final curing. An important advantage of this method is the small sizes of parts that can be produced. 

Properties of mould materials 

Resin tends to attack part surface, which may lead to the part sticking to the mould during extraction. Some sort of surface treatment is often required. To avoid surface deformations, compressive strength should be high. Adding larger amounts of material into moulds should be avoided as doing so may result in superficial imperfections. Due to the very strict tolerances of parts, mould inserts must have optimal dimensional stability during production. 

Each component within a mould has its unique application to the tool material. Each component must be made of steel with suitable properties. 

The following properties are key: 

Wear resistance

Compressive strength 

Corrosion resistance 


Dimensional stability during use 

Molde Matos S. A. is able to produce moulds ranging from 30kg all the way up to 32,000 kg.   

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